NEW TomTom 2013 Models – Start 20/25/60M, VIA 135M, Go 1005M HDT

TomTom Lifetime Maps


June 2013 - In addition to the new models you can read about below, TomTom have now released a brand new TomTom GO for 2013. Read more about it on our TomTom GO 2013 post

Welcome to 2013!

As usual at the start of a new year, TomTom have quietly released a few new sat nav models into UK stores.

Well, so far this year they aren’t really new models, just existing models packaged slightly differently.

These new models have an ‘M’ after the title.

E.g. The Start 25M, Start 60M, VIA 135M, GO 1005M HDT.

Basically, these are the existing 2012 models repackaged with the latest 2013 maps and come with lifetime map updates out of the box, allowing free updates of your maps up to 4 times a year.

At some retailers you may even see these models referred to as ‘LM’, e.g. The TomTom Start 25LM. This means the same thing and simply means ‘Lifetime Maps’, (which is the terminology that Garmin uses, hence the probable confusion).

Q: Don’t TomTom offer free lifetime maps at the moment anyway?

A: Yes, they do on a number of models. The lifetime map updates can be claimed via redemption from Although be aware that this offer ends 31st March 2013, so these new ‘M’ models only really become of value after that date. The good thing about the M models is that redemption isn’t required, your lifetime map updates are active right out of the box.

Read more about the free TomTom Lifetime Maps offer


The TomTom GO 1005M HDT

There’s also a newly released version of the TomTom 1005: the TomTom GO 1005M HDT EU Live.

This is the same spec as the existing TomTom Go 1005, but packaged with free lifetime map updates and 3 years free TomTom Live services.

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