TomTom Map Updates

All TomToms come with maps pre-installed. The countries that are included depend on the model that you purchased.

To upgrade your current maps see the TomTom page here.

To buy a new map for a new region see the TomTom page here.

Special Offer for new customers:
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Download maps from TomTom here


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update my existing maps?
If you’ve had your TomTom for quite a while, it’s likely that the maps are now out of date. You can download the latest version of your map direct from TomTom. You will need a broadband internet connection and will need to plug your TomTom into your computer.

What is Mapshare?
Mapshare delivers daily updates to your maps from other TomTom users. This is typically small map changes such as an incorrectly spelt street name, or a change in speed limit. This service is free. For major road changes, new streets etc, you will need a new map from TomTom.

Can I install maps of different countries on to my TomTom?
Yes you can. There has previously been a restriction on some TomTom models (TomTom Start, TomTom VIA, TomTom 1000) that meant this wasn’t possible, but a software upgrade in September 2011 has now enabled map upgrades.

If you have an update-able model but have limited space on the internal memory, it may be worth looking at installing a single country map, e.g. France, rather than the whole of Western Europe.

Can I get IQ Routes working on my TomTom?
If you purchase a new map it will contain IQ Routes data. IQ Routes will work on all the latest models (anything released after the original TomTom ONE and TomTom XL).

Can I buy a map and get it delivered rather than download it?
As the latest TomTom Start and TomTom One models have no memory card slot, the only way of updating or adding maps is downloading directly from TomTom. If you have a TomTom Go model, (or some early TomTom One models), then you can buy maps on SD card or CD.

Buy Maps on SD Card from TomTom here


Buy maps on SD card or CD from Amazon here


What is the Map Update service?
This is a subscription service that allows you to download the latest map for your TomTom whenever it’s released (giving 4 map updates a year).

What are TomTom Rich Maps?
Rich maps contain more data about POI (points-of-interest) along your route, such as telephone numbers and shop opening times.


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